Superior Business Plans at Most Reasonable Cost!

Superior Business Plans at Most Reasonable Cost!

  • Dynamic business plans custom prepared to win the approval of investors.
  • Effective business building strategies for starting and growing your business.
  • Contact and referrals to investors.
  • U.S. Immigration Visa business plans prepared for E-1, E-2, EB-5 and L-1 Visa applications.

  • Do you want to Capture the Attention of Investors and WIN their approval for funding?
  • Are you sure about what Investors look for in a business plan? We do and we can help you?
  • Your dynamic new business plan custom prepared to meet the requirements that investors look for.
  • Most Comprehensive Services Available At Most Affordable fees.
  • Your complete Business Plan ready to submit to investors! in 2 to 3 weeks (or Sooner for Special Circumstances).
  • Also includes: FREE coaching on dealing with investors and FREE lists of qualified investors in your area.
  • Registered member of the Better Business Bureau and member in good standing with local Chamber of Commerce.
  • No templates or “boiler plate” information used.
  • Ready to present to the bank or to investors.
  • Will meet or exceed current professional standards.
  • Will cover all critical topics investors look for.

FREE Bonus offer includes the following:

  • 1 page Deal Summary.
  • List of qualified investors in your area.
  • Sample Cover Letter for investors.

Types of Services Available:

A-1. Preparation of new business plan for:

  • Obtaining funding for starting a new business.
  • Obtaining funding for expansion of an existing business.
  • Obtaining funding/support for a non-profit organization.

A-2. Preparation of new business plans for:

  • U.S. Immigration Visa business plans also available for E-1, E-2, EB-5 and L-1 Visa applications.
  • Canadian Entrepreneur Immigrant Visa business applications.

A-3. Reviewing/Evaluate existing business plan. Call or E-mail for quote

A-4. Reviewing/Evaluate/Edit existing business plan. Call or E-mail for quote

A-5. Reviewing/Evaluate/Edit/Re-write existing BusinessPlan. Call or E-mail for quote

A-6. Preparation of Executive Summary. Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or purchase of sample for $25.

A-7. New business proposal. Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-8. Marketing proposal. Call or E-mail for quote custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-9. Marketing plan. Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-10. Market analysis for a product or service. Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-11. Demographic research. Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-12. Preparation of Cover Letters for submittal to Investors. Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-13. Management & Operation plans (for a new or an existingbusiness). Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-14. Preparation of Non-Disclosure Agreement forms. Call or E-mail for quote for custom prepared document or sample for $25.

A-15. Special requests for anything not covered above. (Cost Estimate required. Provide description of what you require)

Request Info If you have any questions or would like to obtain more information regarding any of the services described above.

Having Problems with Your Business Plan?

A recent business survey indicated that the following is typical for anyone attempting to create their first business plan.

a. 38% had problems coming up with the financial projections.
b. 26% had problems deciding when it was finished.
c. 18% had problems with the competition analysis.
d. 17% had problems with developing marketing strategies.
e. 16% had problems just getting started.
f. 13% had problems defining their target market.

If you are experiencing any of the problems above we can help you! Contact us for more information at:

Reasons Why You Should Choose to use our service

  1. Greater variety of services offered.
  2. Better qualified with a wider range of professional experience.
  3. Over 14 years of client satisfaction and success in business plan preparation.
  4. Hundreds of business plans prepared for satisfied clients in the USA, Canada, and other countries.
  5. Every type of large and small businesses covered.
  6. Extensive knowledge & background in this business.
  7. Prior management level experience in a large corporation working with large and small companies.
  8. Friendly personal approach in working with each client.
  9. Very familiar with what investors, banks, or the SBA expects to see covered in a business plan.
  10. Most affordable service available with wider range of options provided.
  11. Do you need to have a business plan available ASAP?
  12. Do you have the time or experience required to prepare a plan that can present you and your ideas in the most effective way possible?
  13. Personalized, hands-on, direct support available to provide YOU with a Winning Solution.

FREE helpful documents (see below)

Send E-mail to to obtain your FREE copies.

B-1. What Investors Look for in Business Plans
Does your business plan measure up? Free guide provides insider tips on what investors look for in a business plan.

B-2. Business Plans vs. Offering Memorandums
What is the difference? Do Business Plans and Offering Memorandums serve the same purpose? Should a business plan look like an Offering Memorandum?

B-3. Business Plan Outline
Guideline to what a business plan should contain and look like.

B-4. Raising Capital for Your New Business
Do you know what kind of funding you require? Provides helpful new information about the different types of capital funding available for you and which type to choose for your new business.

B-5. Why Business Plans Don’t Get Funded
Want to know the typical reasons why business plans are turned down and don’t get funded?

B-6. Business Plan Versus PPM
Do you know the difference? Why spend thousands of dollars for a PPM when it is not appropriate or needed? Describes proper uses for each type of document.

B-7. The Myths & Misrepresentations About Obtaining Money through Federal Grants

Our Mission

Our Mission Objective is to provide you with a professional Business Plan or other related document that meets the current high standards expected by today’s investors and lenders. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience that can help present you and your business concept in the most positive and convincing ways possible so that you can win the most favorable attention and support from your investors.

Professional Qualifications & Reputation

For the past fourteen years we have maintained active membership and participation in state and local professional and business organizations to keep up to date on the current best practices in the business world. This includes active membership and participation in our local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. During this time no complaints have ever been filed against us by any current or former clients. We intend to maintain this excellent business reputation through continued hard work, by providing our best service to clients, and practicing high ethical standards in our business practices.

NOTE: See Testimonial Page for Comments & Thank You’s from Clients



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